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it's a love story

self-portrait : inner frida : 2017

self-portrait : inner frida : 2017


My name is Kimberly Davalos, please feel free to call me Kim. I'm a 29 year old third-generation, Filipina-American, and hip hop head, born and raised in Stockton, California. I have been based in the Bay Area, California since 2010 primarily as an educator and counselor. I received my Masters in Counseling from San Francisco State University in 2012 and have loved every minute of my career. Poetry was always my other passion, however, photography began finding a way to express a narrative that the words I put together could not. In 2016, my good friend Xiomara offered my first paid gig to be the photographer for her leather company, UNOETH. It's been a love story for photos and myself since.

My ability to connect to people from all backgrounds as a counselor is reflected in my aesthetics and focus on community. I love to find people's most authentic selves, their own passion, and a piece of their own stories through my camera and my own eye.